Our Focus

Plaza’s focus spans across three core strategies

Bridge Capital for Public and soon-to-be Public Companies

Bridge capital is a valuable financing solution for early and growth-stage companies. Our bridge facilities allow for access to growth capital with minimal equity dilution, while also bridging companies to their next round of financing at a higher valuation.

Structure – Our structure generally consists of a convertible term loan that may span a few months or up to 3 years, with warrants on the company’s equity.

Benefit – Our facilities can help with; bridge to go-public, filling out an equity round, acquisition financing, working capital financing, capital infusion between equity rounds.

Company Profile – We look for strong management teams, healthy balance sheets, and companies that are poised for growth driven by macro/micro tailwinds. We are sector agnostic but look for companies that own assets or IP that we can securitize against (i.e. no single-indication biotech companies, no single-asset mining exploration companies, etc.).

Merchant Banking & Advisory

Plaza also serves as a merchant banking firm that seeks to not only invest in, but also advise and partner with high-growth companies that can benefit from our capital markets expertise & network. Our extensive experience and deep relationships on “The Street”, enable us to advise our portfolio companies on how to effectively navigate the capital markets. We provide assistance on all aspects of being a public company, and strive to create maximum long-term value for all parties involved.


Plaza participates in Pre-IPO Financings, Prospectus Offerings, and Private Placements for emerging high-growth small cap public companies. We are sector agnostic in our equity selection and typically focus on US and Canadian based companies.