Plaza Capital | About
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Plaza Capital – the non-real estate investment arm of Plazacorp

At Plaza Capital we believe that good people can together, do great things. We don’t simply look for the right deals, we look for the right people. We know that with the right relationships established, the valuable opportunities will emerge.


Our roots are in the real estate industry where the Plazacorp name has become synonymous with value creation and lasting excellence. We extend that reputation across all of our investment activities by consistently discovering untapped value in collaboration with our varied partners which range from established entities looking to grow to the next level, entrepreneurs with passion for what they do, and other like-minded investors.


Plazacorp has been famously changing the Toronto skyline since 1982 with the introduction of superior quality hi-rise residential communities. Plaza Capital has been changing the landscape across many industries by applying the same uncompromising discipline of long term value investing. We look for the right partners to make investments with and intend to establish long term mutually rewarding relationships. Our approach to deal making is opportunistic and we have the ability to execute quickly utilizing a wide variety of structures.